My Story

Hello, I am Misty. I am the artist and designer of Rocking Glass Studio. I have been making colorful and/or noisy pieces for home & garden, along with jewelry...for many years. I finally decided to switch my creativity into a full time gig. I love learning new techniques and am constantly evolving my offerings. Rocks, glass, metals, and stories are my favorite materials. In person markets are such a special place to meet and tell stories. I enjoy getting the right piece to tell person’s story. There is a look that happens when someone sees THEIR piece waiting for them.

When I am not creating I am a wife and a Mom to 3 amazing humans in Minnesota. I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, hanging out in nature and any time in the water that I can get! 

.- Misty Poeschl, Artist/Maker

Misty Poeschl Selfie