Care and Keeping

Care instructions, Cleaning instructions, Tips.

Jewelry in general (specifics can be found below)

Gently clean with soft cloth and soap. Stones and resin should not be soaked in alcohol or jewelry cleaning solutions. Do not expose to acetone cleaners. Metals can wiped with alcohol or jewelry cleaning solutions. Stone and wire jewelry can be cleaned gently with soap and water. I do not recommend using brushes on wire pieces. Do not soak, some crystals will break if soaked or exposed to cleaning solutions.

Silver: Sterling Silver will oxidize over time. (Hair products, perfume, skin oils etc… can cause oxidation as well.) It can be cleaned and repolished with a soft cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaners as they will damage the stones. Pieces can be sealed as long as you avoid the stones. I recommend Renaissance Paste.

Copper: Copper jewelry has been sealed, but will still oxidize. Hairspray, perfume, etc.  can accelerate oxidation. The sealant will wear naturally as the oxidation continues. Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth. Cleaners on copper can remove all of the flame coloration. If you wish to reseal your jewelry I recommend Renaissance Paste.

Brass: Same care instructions as copper HOWEVER, brass patinas in a beautiful way. Once the polish has worn away it will turn darker and age naturally. If you prefer it to be shiny, I would polish it with a soft cloth and reseal. (see above)