Care and Keeping

Care instructions, Cleaning instructions, Tips.


Gently clean with soft cloth and soap. Stones and resin should not be soaked in alcohol or jewelry cleaning solutions. Do not expose to acetone cleaners. Metals can wiped with alcohol or jewelry cleaning solutions. Stone and wire jewelry can be cleaned gently with soap and water. I do not recommend using brushes on wire pieces. Do not soak, some crystals will break if soaked or exposed to cleaning solutions.


Engraved Glass

Engraved glass can break and broken glass is sharp. (I know, but it has to be said.) Soap and water can clean easily or glass cleaner. Due to the recycled nature of the glass I would not use for food or drink.

Garden art is meant to be outside in all sorts of weather but should be brought in during the winter in cold climates, especially bells with hemp cording. (Cold temperatures and moisture will cause cord to become weak).  Items may be hand washed. Most are made with recycled glass, which can be sharp if broken, handle with care. Hanging art should not be hung near windows or walls where they could be broken or cause damage due to swinging in the wind. 

Decorative Plates, Bowls and Coasters sealed with resin

Hand wipe and hand wash. Do not soak. Do not put in dishwasher or microwave. Do not freeze. Resin is heat resistant up to 120°F (think in terms of a mug that is hot but you could still touch). Glass and ceramic items are breakable and can be sharp. Please handle with care.