Cleaning, Care and Tips

You have chosen the perfect piece to tell your story, now what? SCROLL to find some metal specific care instructions and tips. Care for your pieces with common sense as well. (I have no idea how to advise for that. 😉)

Jewelry can be gently cleaned with soft cloth and soap. Stones can get wet but should not be left to soak. Most would be fine but there are certain crystals that may expand and crack.

Avoid leaving stone jewelry in the sunshine. Aside from potentially burning you, some stones naturally change color in sunlight. For example, amethyst will fade and become yellowish if it is exposed to hot sun.

Sterling Silver:  (Sterling silver is sold as "sterling silver" and usually stamped .925)

Sterling Silver will oxidize over time. (Hair products, perfume, skin oils etc… can cause oxidation as well.) It can be cleaned and repolished with a soft cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaners as they will damage the stones. Pieces can be sealed as long as you avoid the stones. I recommend Renaissance Paste.


Copper jewelry has been sealed, but will still oxidize. Hairspray, perfume, etc.  can accelerate oxidation. The sealant will wear naturally as the oxidation continues. Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth. Cleaners on copper can remove all of the flame coloration. If you wish to reseal your jewelry I recommend Renaissance Paste

earrings 2 inches long shaped like wishbones and made of brass by Rocking Glass Studio


Brass jewelry has been sealed, but will still oxidize. Hairspray, perfume, etc. can accelerate oxidation. As the sealant wears away naturally, the oxidation will occur. Brass actually patinas in a beautiful way. Once the polish has worn away it will turn darker and age naturally. If you prefer it to be shiny, I would polish it with a soft cloth and reseal. I recommend Renaissance Paste.

Gold/Silver Colored Wire (silver plate over copper)

Over time, silver plating will wear away. It is not as durable as sterling silver. Treating these pieces gently and and protecting them from chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, chlorine, shampoo etc... will prolong the plating of the wire. Gently wiping with a cloth or a very mild soap is a cleaning option.

I choose to use this material in order to provide more affordable options of my jewelry. If you are looking for something more lasting, I would recommend looking at the sterling, brass or copper versions of these pieces.