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Verdandi: The Choice is Yours.

Verdandi was the middle sister of the Norn (Scandinavian fates) She represents the present, that moment where you take who you were yesterday and decide who you will be tomorrow.
Verðandi is literally the present participle of the Old Norse verb "verða", "to become", and is commonly translated as "in the making" or "that which is happening/becoming”. 
There are stories about women traveling from village to village as a “Verdandi”. She would listen to people. Find out how they wish their lives were. She would then counsel them about their life choices and “magically” make the future they wanted possible.
Often, we get in the way of our dreams.  What is stopping us from achieving what we seek? 
What you do not actively work to change, You 
to keep the same.”
This jewelry is meant to be worn as a reminder of your inner strength and your resolve to become what you choose.
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