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My Story

Hello, I am Misty. I am the artist and designer of Rocking Glass Studio. I have been making colorful and/or noisy pieces for home & garden, along with jewelry...for many years. I finally decided to switch my creativity into a full time gig. I love learning new techniques and am constantly evolving my offerings. Rocks, glass, metals, and stories are my favorite materials. In person markets are such a special place to meet and tell stories. I enjoy getting the right piece to tell person’s story. There is a look that happens when someone sees THEIR piece waiting for them.

I am normally a Minneapolis/Saint Paul artist, but recently followed my husband up to the north shore for 3 years. I still bounce between the 2 places. Yes, it is a 4 hour drive but (as a friend informed me) that is a “between meals” distance. If I leave at breakfast I can be there by lunch. I am excited to see how being near Lake Superior, the forests and most importantly the ROCKS influences my jewelry. I know it will create a great STORY.

My influences come from many facets of my life. The “Rocking” comes from the constant music stream in my studio and the constant rocks I bring home from the streams and lakes. I am a Gen X woman. I listen to most kinds of music, especially local artists (I love Dessa), Alt & Indie,  and new groups. I still listen to all the oldies and dip into the darker moods (Linkin Park, any one?) I think music keeps us young. 

 I have a passion for shiny glass pieces and have used glass in my work in the past, hence the "Glass" part of my name. I am currently working on designs that would bring glass back into my work. 

I am also a Mom to 3 amazing adults. I am a wife to a fantastic human. I love adventures and new surroundings. I especially love being able to get up close with nature by hiking, snowshoeing or falling in the river while fishing (I swim more than I fish).

My goal in the broader art community is to create and to lift up other creatives (this is a tough business we have to support each other). Are you another small business needing answers or a shout out? I think we all do better, when we all support each other as a community. Contact me and we can support each other!

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