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Rocking Glass Studio

Sterling Silver Wishbone Earrings with Peruvian Amazonite

Sterling Silver Wishbone Earrings with Peruvian Amazonite

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Wishbone Shaped dangle earrings made of .925 sterling Silver. These dangles have been polished smooth to catch the light.

6 mm Peruvian Amazonite.

Nickle free steel ear hooks. 

Dangle Length: 2.5 inches or 6.5 cm

Weight is 1 oz 

Rocking Glass Studio sells handmade jewelry. Each piece is made one at a time by me using metal and semi precious stones or glass. I am currently offering copper jewelry colored by flame work. Each copper piece is a unique flame painting of blues, greens, purples, and hues of cinnamon. I have a line of sterling silver, silver plated or copper wire woven pieces based on the story of Verdandi and her ability to weave your future based on your choices. The star of this line are the adjustable bracelets and wishbone earrings. The final line consists of long, fluid dangle earrings. I can be found on all social channels and my online shop lists markets where I can be found.

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